Truth returns

This destructive explanation post marks the end of the blog site as a piece of modern art.

It was designed to be half-empty. However, the new era begins.

btw. Thanks for your comments.


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9 Responses to “Truth returns”

  1. Full Online Books Says:

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  2. MJacksonTruth Says:

    What a coincidence! I made my blog last summer without knowing that this blog where I’m writing now existed. We have almost the same name and, if I judge from the meaning, I guess we also have the same purpose. It’s a pity that you didn’t continue. But don’t worry, we continue and we are many people doing that all over the world. If you visit my blog (just click on my name and you will be redirected to, you will understand almost nothing (except the videos to which I add just subtitles in Greek, my mother tongue) but there you will see an effort to inform, for real this time, people from Greece.

    I hope you see this message and, above all, I hope that you are well.
    Love, Mel from Greece.

  3. ankit Says:

    if you are not using this blog why dont’t you leave this URL I want to use this

  4. Eugene Willow Says:

    If you aren’t going to use this domain, could yo transfer the blog to me? I want to start a blog and this would be a great domain for it. Email me at

  5. reflectionsintheword Says:


    GREAT Blog-name! Sorry to trouble you, but you do not seem to be using this blog anymore. If you have no plans to use it in the future, would you please consider transferring the blog to me? Thanks in advance for your kind consideration.

    Best regards,

  6. Iphone Says:

    This blog so cool, i like this template can you share it ?

  7. DD Says:

    This lie is so true.

  8. lanetteanderson119 Says:

    u30a2u30f3u30c7u30a3u3055u3093u3001u6628u65e5(u304du306eu3046)u306fu3001u304au75b2(u3064u304b)u308cu3055u307eu3067u3057u305fuff01nu6628u65e5u306eu30a2u30f3u30c7u30a3u3055u3093u306eu5199u771f(u3057u3083u3057u3093)u3001u3053u308cu304bu3089u3001u9001(u304au304f)u308au307eu3059u3002 Come on

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